Meeting of April 28, 2011

“The Far East, Then and Now” was the title of a three-man effort that resulted in this week’s program.

Peter Brown started it by sharing with fellow club members Rommel Tolentino and Len Leonidas — both of whom are of Filipino heritage — a collection of more than 70 glass negatives inherited from William S. Culver his maternal grandfather, who created them in the early 1900s when he was sent to the Philippines by General Electric to install the Pacific nation’s first electrical system.

Len, shown above with a camera similar to the one used by Peter’s grandfather, processed the glass treasures into usable slides, and Rommel did the research to match up as many of today’s versions of various scenes in Hong Kong, Japan and the Philippines as possible. Some of the newer photos were taken by Rommel on his own travels in the region. The result of the cooperative effort was an enlightening presentation.


Attendance (19): Terry Brewer, Murray Forth, Pat Bailey, Peter Brown, Russ Edberg, Debbie Brown, Bill Dowd, Carol Orvis, Jim Leyhane, Len Leonidas, Phil Egan, Debbie Rodriguez, Steve Phelps, Bill Kneissl, Ron Annis, Doris Calamaras, Rommel Tolentino, Jim Mandrysa, April Dowd.

Guests (3): Nora Tolentino, Hana Wojnovich and her mother, Michie-Yo.


• April Dowd was introduced as our newest member. Welcome, April!

• Guest Hana Wojnovich spoke about her reasons for becoming a Rotary Foreign Exchange student. She expects to go to France in August.


• The club voted for Charlie Foote to serve as our voting delegate at the RI convention in New Orleans.

• Rotary Run update: 16 sponsored road signs have been spoken for, and, including the advertising on the T-shits, we already have raised $1,600. Terry will be contacting everyone to sign up to work and help at the event, and asks that all volunteers be sure to sign the roster sheet at the next meeting. Murray still has Rotary navy blue anniversary shirts for sale, which can be worn at the Run. Jim will order Rotary hats for all of us to use at the event.

• Murray has Rotary decals available for cars and office windows. These will be for sale to member as well for a modest price.

NEXT MEETING: 6:15 p.m. Thursday, May 5. Program: Jim Farnham on creative ways to save money.

[Go here for the Events Calendar.]


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