President Terry’s weekly message

• Week of March 7, 2011.

Dear SRC Rotarians:

Well, we survived another snow storm and an eventful Monday to start the week. I hope everyone is doing well as we know that Spring is on the way(?).

A good meeting last week to hammer out the details for our 31st annual Rotary Run. The date is set for Sunday, May 22, at the Green Meadow School. A special thanks to Peter Brown for agreeing to work with Rick Hannmann on the run this year. As we transition the leadership of the run from Rick to Peter, the details and logistics will be worked out over the next several weeks. The ad in the Pace Setter magazine is complete. We will now need to work on the advertisement portion of the run. This means adds for the T-shirt and adds for road signs along the run. I will have a complete list of work to complete in the near future. Check out the registration form for the run this year.

Our speaker this week is Dr. Jason Brown, a club member and doctor of chiropractic. The topic will be basic exercises for the ailing back. What a timely topic !

The following individuals have signed-up for dinner this week: Terry Brewer, Jason Brown, Doris Calamaras, Bill Dowd, Dick Drumm, Russ Edberg, Phil Egan, Charlie Foote, Murray Forth, Len Leonidas, Jim Leyhane, Rob Mangold and Rommel Tolentino. If I missed someone and you are attending or you have a change of plans and cannot attend, please let me know ASAP.

The dinner menu:

Chicken Marsala
Spinach salad
Green beans almandine
Cream-filled eclairs

Meeting agenda:

Call to order @6:15pm
Welcome members and guests
Pledge of allegiance
Rotary Updates
Good of Rotary from members
Adjournment @7:30pm

See you on Thursday.

[Go here for the Events Calendar.]


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