Meeting of December 2, 2010

Joseph Ferrannini, a cemetery restorer (Troy Record photo)

Southern Rensselaer County Rotary Club
Minutes of December 2, 2010

Picture 4Attendance (11): Terry Brewer, Pat Bailey, Murray Forth, Jim Leyhane, Phil Egan, Charlie Foote, Doris Calamaras, Carol Orvis, Steve Phelps, Russ Edberg, Dick Drumm.

Guests (3): John Sawchuck, Andrea Neiman, Joe Ferrannini.


• Gift baskets will be done by the holiday party at the Forth residence on December 16.

• The next home dinner will be at the Forth residence on Saturday, December 11. There are two spots left. Check with Jim Leyhane for reservations.


Joe Ferrannini, owner of Grave Stone Matters in Hoosick Falls, spoke about the Geer Cemetery rescue project in Pittstown. He spoke about his interest in cemetery restoration and how he became involved in saving a part of history. His slides showed the area of the Geer Cemetery from the beginning of the process of reclaiming it in 2005 from overgrowth of trees, downed trees and bushes to the finished product in 2008. Labor was all volunteer, although the town paid for some materials. Joe and his nephew have begun cleaning the stones and resetting them. Each stone presented a different problem, almost like a jigsaw puzzle, in addition to the repair. The stones are dated from 1812 to the 1930s. Some were too damaged to be complete.  He continues to work on the project. Joe is also involved in other cemetery projects both as a volunteer and as a paid consultant.


• John Sawchuck spoke about the Interact “Run for Life” race to raise funds to combat polio and diabetes. They raised more than $800. Andrea Neiman reported on her students helping at the annual Equinox Thanksgiving dinner and several other projects Interact is involved with.

• There will be no club meetings on December 23 and December 30 due to the holidays.

NEXT MEETING: 6:15 p.m. Thursday, December 9.

[Go here for the Events Calendar.]


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