Meeting of November 4, 2010


Southern Rensselaer County Rotary Club
Minutes of November 4, 2010

Picture 4Attendance (16): Terry Brewer, Pat Bailey, Murray Forth, Peter Brown, Debbie Brown, Len Leonidas, Jim Leyhane, Phil Egan, Rommel Tolentino, Charlie Foote, Mark Hoyt, Bill Dowd, Russ Edberg, Carol Orvis, Steve Phelps, Dick Drumm.


• For the club holiday gathering in December, each member will provide a themed basket as a fundraiser and the baskets will be up for bids.

• Saturday, November 13, will be the latest Rotary Home Dinner fundraiser, at the Forth reisdence. Dinners at the Browns and then again at the Forths are on the schedule (see EVENTS CALENDAR).


Bill Dowd presented a PowerPoint show on the The Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, which he recently visited. The program was timed to coincide with the final launch of the space shuttle Discovery, scheduled for this week after several delays. Bill spoke about the large area devoted to the Space Center and the size of the main building, the second-largest by volume in the U.S. Slides included shots of the shuttle ready to go on the launch pad, the tractor used to pull the shuttle from the hanger. The old Explorer shuttle is on display as are spacesuits and other items, as well as a shuttle launch experience area that mimics what the astronauts go through during liftoff.

Other scenes were of the original control room for Apollo space trips and shots of the actual space shot 30 years ago. Bill showed scenes of the Saturn V rocket and modules. NASA continues to plan launches, including spy satellites, for the foreseeable future. His talk also covered the museum with the many displays of the history of the shuttle program.


• Two ShelterBoxes are paid for, and a third is almost finished, putting us close to completing a club pledge to fund three such emergency units this year.

• Committee Reports:

  1. Mark Hoyt reported on the exchange students’ recent trip to New York City. Students still are selling PolioPlus bracelets. The club will arrange a Christmas package for each of our overseas students, residing in Finland and Argentina. Members should bring items to the November 18 meeting. Another Rotary weekend in January is being planned at Maple Hill High School for exchange students staying in the Capital Region
  2. President Terry has designated November 18 “Membership Night.” He will send out letters of invitation to prospectivemembers and is asking everyone to try to invite a potential member to attend the event.
  3. Jim Leyhane reported he has received confirmation from the Rotary Foundation of our contribution to the PolioPlus effort
  4. Murray Forth reported on Fundraising plans, which include a bowling night and the International Dinner.
  5. Debbie Brown reported on Scholarship and Recognition. We hope to honor six students, covering the high schools, elementary and middle schools in our area. She also discussed recognition of a local business owner, as well as recognition of our own members for their service.
  6. Terry will be asking for updates from each committee in the near future.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, November 11.  Len Leonidas presenting program: “A Bird Named Enza: A historic and scientific puzzle.”

[Go here for the Events Calendar.]



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