Rotary home dinner program expands

We’re now up to three dates/menus for our Rotary Home Dinner fundraiser program. If you’re interested in any of them, please make a point of contacting coordinator Jim Leyhane. If more than the maximum number of guests expresses an interest, he’s the guy who will make the cuts.

To review: Each guest — and non-Rotarians may attend; it’s an excellent way to introduce a prospective member to several club members — pays the amount established by the hosts, who provide the meal as their event contribution. That full amount goes to the club as part of our operating fund for community projects.

Here’s the update:

Saturday, November 13, at the Forth residence: Party of 6 maximum, $35 per person

Liver and onions, bacon and gravy
Sweetened stewed tomatoes
Mashed potatoes
Green peas
Chocolate cream pie

Saturday, November 20, at the Brown residence: Party of 8 maximum, $35 per person

Butternut squash soup
Greens with cranberry vinaigrette
Mushroom and fennel dusted pork roast
Potatoes au gratin
Green beans with ginger and cashews
Poached pears

Saturday, December 11, at the Forth residence: Party of 6 maximum, $35 per person

Sauerbraten and potato pancakes
Green beans
Gasoline gravy
Red cabbage
Apple sauce, cottage cheese

Surprise dessert

[Go here for the Events Calendar.]


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