Meeting of October 28, 2010

Kristine Moxon, who runs the Nassau Free Library children’s program, spoke to the club this week.

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Southern Rensselaer County Rotary Club
Minutes of October 28, 2010

Attendance (14): Terry Brewer, Bill Dowd, Murray Forth, Pat Bailey, Carol Orvis, Peter Brown, Debra Brown, Russ Edberg, Jim Leyhane, Len Leonidas, Dick Drumm, Steve Phelps, Doris Calamaras, Jason Brown.

Guests (2): Kristine Moxon (speaker), young Mr. Leonidas.


Speaker Kristine Moxon, introduced by Pat Bailey, spoke about the 110-year-old Nassau Free Library. She informed us that the library building is operated and owned by a board of trustees, and that the library has been in operation since 1891. Today, it is part of the part of the Upper Hudson Library System.

Kristine, the mother of four whose interest in having her children use public library facilities was the catalyst for becoming a professional, specializes in children’s and youth programs. She noted a First Niagara grant for young adults which is new this year. She also spoke about programs for adults such as computer instruction and the stop-smoking program.

The current major project is ELS — Early Learning Station — for preschool through fifth grade students. It uses a self-contained PC which would be located in the library’s children’s section. The cost is now $2,600, of which the library still needs to raise $1,000 to make a purchase along with other area libraries. Next the children will be participating in the annual pumpkin decorating.


• President Terry proposed a $200 donation to the ELS project, which the members approved without dissent.


• The Rotary night performance of “A Christmas Carol: The Musical” on December 8 at Cohoes Music Hall is a fundraiser that is open to Rotarians and their friends and families. Ticket prices vary. You can click here for details.

• Two of the club’s commitment of funding three (3) ShelterBoxes have been paid for (Terry and Carol Orvis splitting the $1,000 cost of one, and Jim Leyhane and Dick Drumm the $1,000 cost of another). A third is 60% funded (Bill Dowd donating $500 and Steve Phelps $100 so far). Contact Terry if you are able to participate, with checks going to Murray Forth. Any amount is fine.

• Our $2,500 donation to PolioPlus from the Phil Spencer memorial fund will be matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Because of the donation, the club will be able to designate five (5) Paul Harris Fellows. In another PolioPlus fundraiser, yellow bracelets have been selling well at Columbia and Maple Hill high schools, with the current tally about $500.

• Jim unveiled the current lineup of Rotary Home Dinner events coming up. Go here for the details.

• Hoffman Car Wash tickets still are available. Money raised from them goes to the club’s general fund.

• Terry asked that all committee chairs hold their progress meetings before the next full club meeting and be able to report back to the membership.

NEXT MEETING: 6:15 p.m. Thursday at the Holiday Inn Express. The program will be Bill Dowd with a PowerPoint presentation on the current status of the U.S. space program and the Kennedy Space Center.

[Go here for the Events Calendar.]


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