Minutes of October 14, 2010

Picture 4Southern Rensselaer County Rotary Club
Minutes of October 14, 2010

Attendance (10): Pat Bailey, Peter Brown, Debbie Brown, Jim Leyhane, Russ Edberg, Bill Kneissl, Mark Hoyt, Eric Percy, Steve Phelps, Dick Drumm.

Guests (2): Bob Moran, Nathan Chittenden.


• Hoffman car wash tickets still are for sale.

• Mark Hoyt gave us an update on the recent gathering of Rotary foreign exchange students hosted by Maple Hill High School. They hope to plan additional events for the entire group. Many thanks to Mark for all the work to organize this. Regretably, one of our club’s foreign exchange students is returning home early.


• Speaker Nathan Chittenden on “How to Survive as a Small Business in New York.”

Nathan is a fourth-generation dairy farmer. After his second year at Cornell University, he transferred to the animal husbandry program and found he was much happier. After graduation and an internship he returned to the area and the family business. Now there are four households supported by the farm. They milk 350 cows three times in a 24-hour business day. They also are able to sell hay to others. Nathan said his young son already shows a strong interest in farming. Nathan hastwo2 older brothers, and a sister in Australia who also lives on a farm.

He spoke about the equipment, including computer chips, in use today to maintain the health of each animal. He also said there are only three dairy farms left in the Town of Schodack. He also spoke about some of the problems associated with the legal and environmental areas.

NEXT MEETING: 6:15 p.m. Thursday. Speaker: Journalist Fred LeBrun speaking on the Hudson River, which he has canoed twice from its northern source to its entry into New York Harbor.

[Go here for the Events Calendar.]



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